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Hello and Welcome!

Im sure we can all agree, things ain't what the used to be. With traditional forms of networking unavailable, this presents a challenge for those looking to develop new connections and contacts. Im sure we have all heard the age old saying "when life throws you lemons, make lemonade" and with this in mind, we present this group. We look to hold regular online networking opportunities while traditional methods are unavailable, therefore helping members and guests to carry on as normal as much as possible.

Thanks for your interest and we wish you the very best as a member of this online community.

The Firefly Network exists to provide MBA Candidates, Graduates and employers with Networking Opportunities. The group has been founded by MBA candidates looking to create contacts, share experiences and support each other in future growth.

Due to the restrictions of the current Pandemic, all networking will take place online via Zoom. 

Events include:
Speed Networking for MBA Candidates
Speed Networking for MBA candidates and Graduates
Speed Networking for MBAs and employers
Elevator Pitch: MBA Candidates, Graduates pitch their business ideas to gain feedback and funding. 

Feel free to join the group for news on upcoming events, and to register for events.


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